The Donors Delivering for SRHR report is a joint project by Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) and the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF).

DSW and EPF focus their advocacy and development work on protecting the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of individuals in precarious situations across the world. This annual publication analyses and ranks the latest updated data available to track the disbursements of members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s, Development Assistance Committee (DAC) to SRHR, reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH), and family planning (FP), as part of their Official Development Aid (ODA).


This year‘s edition assesses the latest available data, which is from 2019. The analysis highlights similar unexpected rankings as seen in last year’s edition, where larger countries and donors are not necessarily spending more in relative terms; showing a lack of political prioritisation, a stabilisation and stagnation of funding for SRHR.

The top five SRHR donors as a percentage of total ODA in 2019 were the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, the UK, and Iceland, outperforming larger countries.

It seems that the countries that are furthest away from reaching the longstanding UN target for developed countries to give 0.7% of their GNI as ODA are also those who prioritise SRHR the least in their ODA.


Today is the International Day to #EndFistula.

Obstetric fistula can largely ... be avoided by:
- delaying the age of first pregnancy;
- the cessation of harmful traditional practices; &
- timely access to obstetric care.

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Today is International Day to End Obstetric Fistula!🤰🏿

Obstetric fistula ... is a serious injury that can occur during childbirth. It's linked to one of the major causes of #maternalmortality: obstructed labour.

📢 Maternal health must be improved to #EndFistula!

Today is International #ClinicalTrialsDay! A big thank you to everyone who makes... the trials that IAVI and our partners are part of possible. Together we can find the innovative solutions needed to address #globalhealth challenges like HIV, TB, & emerging infectious diseases!

#CSE is the cornerstone to creating a safer, more inclusive & more ... gender-equal world, with access to good health, well-being & quality education. We're speaking out for every young person's right to information they need to make the decisions only they should make. #SheDecides

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Our Chair @DianaJohnsonMP tabled a question on whether the @ukhomeoffice plans ... to review the need for buffer zones around abortion clinics in England 👇

We believe national legislation is the only effective solution to protect women from intimidation and harassment.


Je vous invite à lire ce rapport @EPF_SRR ...
qui montre qu'un élément clé de l’activisme anti-genre sont ces énormes financements qui soutient les efforts des extrémistes religieux pour faire reculer les droits humains.

🇪🇸 Positive news coming from #Spain where abortion rights might be ... widened. The draft law also foresees an expansion of financing for contraceptive care!

Learn more from our Spanish Member Association: (1/3)

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